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in with spencer christian to see what is happening on live doppler 7hd. >> we have the calm before the change. we have clear skies and clouds lurking offshore. they will be moving inland, and here is a reflection on how warm it was today. the temperatures are soaring around the bay area. 76 in santa rosa and record highs in oakland and santa cruz. right now we have clear skies. we are down to 46 in half moon bay, and as we go to another list of readings, temperatures in the 40s already at santa rosa and napa and fairfield. getting cool, but not cold. the seven-day forecast coming up a little later. >> thank you. a much different first friday in oakland. the evening art festival has been scaled back after a teen was shot and killed following last month's festivities. it is in a much smaller section of telegraph avenue five blocks from west grand to 27th. alan wang is live in oakland. alan, how did it go? >> one of the big changes is they shutdown the event an hour early. and they just reopened telegraph avenue about 20 minutes ago. there were questions as to whether the city could handle another e
of same-sex marriage. the supporters #r* changing their profile picture to the red and pink colored equal sign logo from the human rights campaign. it is an organization in support of gay marriage. as carolyn tyler mentioned, she will be back at the u.s. supreme court tomorrow as the justices consider the defense of marriage act. she will have live reports here on abc7 news and she will tweet updates at c tyler abc7. >>> less than an hour from now, the golden gate bridge will never be quite the same. no more toll takers. the iconic span is going all electronic. it is a big change obviously that some wonder might affect the morning commute. cornell bernard is live where toll takers have just a few more minutes left. >> that's right. since it opened in 1937, the golden gate bridge has never been without toll takers until now. at midnight that all changes. all electronic following arrives and tonight the toll takers are saying their goodbyes. drivers are handing over tolls for the last time to toll takers who are leaving his toll booth for good. the flowers are gifts from drivers. >> are you
. >> reporter: it is quiet right now, it is symbolic of a changing catholic church. the bells were ringing and people were singing here at the san jose church to celebrate the first latin american pope. it is something they have waited 20 centuries for. >> i think that this particular pope would have deeper sympathies and understanding of what it it is to be a child of an immigrant and hopefully our own children of immigrants can relate. >> the 1.2 billion catholics are from latin america. the faithful cried and prayed across argentina for the new pope francis who they knew as jorge, bergoglio, the archbishop of buenos aires. >> i spoke to my relatives and they are emotional and happy and pleased. they say he is a very, very inteligent man. he is not easy to manage. he is a person of principal. >> members of the argentine club of san jose toasted their new pope. >> i have a wait and see attitude toward this pope because he has a reputation for being an ultra conservative. an ultra conservative pope is not necessarily the remedy of what ales the catholic faith. >> my prayer is that this new
bossy we need to change this. >> also. facebook executive cheryl sandberg dives head first into the he shall of women and the way they are treated in the workplace. >> all that coming later on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight on the show jennifer lopez bob and my dramatic one-on-one sit down with mark wahlberg who finally confesses that he 40's boston. i knew were you from was ton. sf about. >> this week the head of the transportation security administration plans to defend his decision to allow some knives back on airplanes. the new tsa policy would allow fol foldable knives with blades up to 2.36 inches as carry on items. fen i was in. tsa head will testify before a house homeland security committee this thursday. he's going to talk about how it will affect security lines and how assessment determined small naivs couldn't cause catastrophic damage in airplane cabin. the decision has been criticized by airline employee groups. >> we do not need these blades on board. these will be concealed weapons. and there were blades that were smaller than this that caused all the damage that
in the next few hours the drive from pacifica to half moon bay is going to change forever. 2 brand new tunnel about to open which will take traffic away from the treacherous road at devil slide. the new tunnel look a little definitely like tonight. the glowingize staring us down like that. 7 news reporter is live tonight in pacifica. sirnlt is a long time coming. >> yes and cal-trans now saying that those 2 tunnel should be open within the next 4 hours or so. it means drivers along highway 1 here heading to devil slide won't worry as much about the rock slide road closure or that white knuckle ride. >> tonight both tunnel through the slide area are all lit up. but not quite ready to handle drivers. for much of the evening traffic was backed up in both directions as cars had to take turns because highway 1 was reduced to a single lane. workers spending the last few hours laying down stripes shifting create barriers and making sure the angle of the road is correct. >> roughly between 1 and 3:00 a.m. thereabouts. confident open for the morning are your. >> definitely open for the morning
the message about the changes on the golden gate bridge. >>> why it's going to cost you more to do a little shopping in some parts of the bay area next week. >>> the modern changes the pope is making this easter holiday. >> take a look at live doppler 7hd. we're traumaticking the storm moving >> ama: new at 11:00, striking musicians from the san francisco symphony are still hitting the right notes with their audience. snowed snowed -- ♪ >> ama: tonight an ensemble featuring the springs and wind section gave a free concert. the musicians have been on strike since march 15th. members say the symphony is financially sound and the cuts would not allow them to keep up with the high cost of living in the bay area. >> tommy toys, san francisco institution, closed for good tonight after 27 years, clint eastwood and francis ford coppola were regulars, and attracted politicians like dianne feinstein and former mayor willy brown. changing demographics and lease issues forced the restaurant to close. >> it's a good weekend to make a big purchase. come monday, the sales tax is going up in self bay are
. it is a way to honor those officers and help their families. new at 11:00, some big changes could be coming to yosemite national park. it is part of an environmental effort. the plan is to protect the iconic landscape. if approved it would ban bike and horse rentals in the park. the rink would be demolished and dozens of camp sites would be demolished. you can attend and put in your two cents. >>> coming up next, people going door-to-door with news that no one wants to hear. what these people are being told about the building they live in and why they say it is a matter of life and death. and a beach carpeted in red. what in the world is causing this very strange sight? and where we found joe montana and warren beatty hanging out tonight. and then late other "gym mooy kimmel --" jimmy kimmle live." >> thanks. the great halle >>> well, imagine getting this knock on your door. pardon me, did you know if you have an earthquake did you know your home is not safe? abc news reporter leslie leslie brinkley is live with the story. it is not exactly publisher's clearinghouse turning up on your doors
behind the wheel started running from police after they spotted the stolen car. >>> we have changes coming in our weather. let's get to cabbed yaw patel -- let's get to sandhya patel. >> sze seen sprinkles -- we have seen sprinkles and now we seeing quite a bit of cloud cover, and we are also seeing some fog down below. check out the visibility. it has dropped to a quarter of a mile. as you look at this view you can see it is murky out there. you will want to give yourself some extra time for the morning commute. not only fog, but clouds and sprinkles and temperatures in the 50s. showers in the forecast for the holiday weekend. we will have a time line coming up. ama? >> a little girl from san rafael showed big bravery when she was shot with an arrow while visiting the lawrence halve science. this is the x ray of the girl's leg. you can see the arrow went all the way through. cornell bernard spent time with the young victim and joins us live from berkeley with the story. >> reporter: police continue to search neighborhoods above the lawrence halve science for clues into who ever sho
cover. but the north bay is not seeing much in the way of cloud cover right now. that will change. no radar returns to track from our high definition camera. you can see visibility is good and temperatures right now upper 40's santa rosa, napa most other areas in the mid 50's. change of season just around the corner and so is our weather pattern. i'll show you when rain is coming back that the picture. >> thanks very much. man responsible for keeping our border safe has been charged with internet child porn. story uncovered by abc 7 news all righter vick and seen only here. gilbert lamb homeland security agent. investigation into suspicion that he was sharing child porn began two years ago. investigators wept to lamb's home in san francisco and found 85 images they say and video on sophisticated computer system. >> being at the house and had he a whole closet downstairs and like had he os own independent server. several computers. several hard drive drives. electronic storage devices. >>reporter: lamb was arrested last week while working at sfo security checkpoint for p
. this entire weekend going to be dry and mild. next week things change for us. the live doppler 7hd right now very quiet, but come tuesday and wednesday, this thing is going to get very active as the storm system will bring the return of rain to the bay area. this is mt. tamalpais. it's a beautiful and clear sky out there. here's a look at the highs today. accept rosa, 77. concord, 73. santa cruz, 72. a nice look here of the bay bridge. san francisco, 52. half moon bay, 54. santa cruz, low 50s as well. and another shot on the reverse side of the bay bridge. 51 livermore. folks, here's a look at the forecast highlights. a few high clouds drifting overhead. cooler for sunday, and then rain returns tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight, some of the high clouds will continue to filter by. looking for 41, santa rosa, 49, san francisco. livermore, antioch, brentwood, oakley. mid-40s. high pressure building over the bay area, responsible for the nice spring-like weather. tomorrow it will nudge a little more east. we'll bring in sunshine and high cloudiness as well. a mild day tomorrow. sunday and mond
you, john. >>> facebook users are about to have a major change. the company is announcing a resign of its news feed feature. indications are the revamped feature will allow posts and music shared by others. >> ?ie a new york man faces jail time because his neighbors say he laughs too loud. his mother calls the laugh cute and infectious. neighbors disagree saying he directs it toward them. they called the police and police cited him for disturbing the peace. he says his that i bores are trying to bully -- his neighbors are trying to bully him and he responds in laughter. he could face fines and jail time. >>> new at 11:00, a man whose wife is fighting cancer had one half court shot to win $20,000 to help pay the bills. how did he do? oh yes. he thaild it. he nailed it. the 37-year-old high school teacher is a basketball coach. but he never shot the ball in front of 18,000 people. his wife is being treated for uh appendix cancer. she has 10 more weeks of chemotherapy and the money will be used to pay for her treatment. >> talk about nailing it when it matters. >>> let's get a check o
. they are always changing and it is never the same from day-to-day and year to year. they are breathtaking. >> and the best is yet to come. many of the falls reach their peak low in may. the water falls are some of the many attractions in the park. the iconic sites draw people from all-around the world all year long. in yosemite, abc7 news. >>> we have a gorgeous weekend ahead with some rain on the way. >> not so fast. here is sandhya patel. >> well, yes, larry and carolyn, i will hold off the rain until next week. you have a chance to enjoy this as you look from our high definition emeryville camera. check out the sunset. the high clouds we had all day long larry was complaining about , they parted ways. let's check out live doppler 7hd. we are now seeing clearing as you will notice. there are patches of fog forming along the coastline and our radar will be tracking rain. from the high definition rooftop camera there is a view of the bay bridge. the visibility is looking good. the temperatures look like 56 in fairfield and 51 in santa rosa and it is 52 in los gatos. here are the highlight
mild difficult coming our way tomorrow but big changes after that. i'll tell you all about that in my accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> see you shortly. >> catholic church is without a leader tonight. college of cardinal take a few day to decide when they will enter conclave to elect the next pop pope. [ bells ringing]. >>reporter: pope benedict xv xvith stepped down today. first pope to did so in nearly 600 years. catholic around the world including those here in the bay year say they can only have faith in the selection process. >> put my 98th god to provide someone to lead the church who cap lead all of us. progressive one conservative one and hopefully bring us together with some idea of how to love the world and serve others even though we are all very different. >>reporter: decision of when to enter conclave will be made monday by more than 100 voting cardinal from around the world. >> momentum growing to strike down california proposition 8 ban on same sex marriage. president obama threw his administration weight behind the argument to over turn the ban in a friend of the co
the first pontiff in 600 years to step down. changes are already being seen. the pope's apartment has been locked and its elevator has been taped shut. the new papal ring must also be made. tradition says the ring is destroyed when the pope dies or, in this case, resigns. >> talk about destruction of the sale, simply to make some scratch marks or michigan to prevent that seal from being used ever again. >> ama: a stove has yet to be installed in the sistine chapel. white smoke from the snowfall announces to the world a new pope has been elected. >> new controversy about rape and pregnancy. another g.o.p. leader says pregnancy from rape are rare in an interview, seles grigg. the head of the california public asemi says the amount of pregnancies due to rape is small because the body is traumatized. the statement was made after she was being critical of the same type of comment made by todd akin of missouri last year. >> it's the first full day of the federally man dade it sequester cuts. impact seems minimal but hasn't dampened concerns by some over what is to come. >> mariey and joe, civili
, sergio quintana, abc news. >> thank you, sergio. a change in our weather is ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser is here now with a first check of the forecast and what is happening outside right now. leigh? >> already clouds are starting to move in, but it looks like the rain will hold off until tuesday. we will talk about that coming up a little later in the weather cast. you can see high clouds are out there. no moisture is being picked up. and the current temperatures, we are dropping off nicely and rather quickly. san francisco is 51 and we have 52 in san carlos. half moon bay is 45 and santa cruz 51. this was the last full weekend of winter. spring also arrives and so does the rain this upcoming week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> leigh, thank you. oakland police took several people into custody after an early morning hop side lead to a standoff. officers surrounded the crime scene at 25th avenue and international boulevard for about 10 hours. the trouble began about 1:30 this morning. that's when two shooting victims showed up at a local emergency room. one of them died from
out the ar-15 was properly secured. >>> we have a change of weather ahead. rain is ahead and now to leigh glaser on what is happening right now. >> you are exactly right. it has been some time since we have seen measurable rainfall. parts of the bay area saw a few sprinkles this morning. live doppler 7hd is sweeping live and not picking up any returns at all. we are in a break right now. the current temperatures are starting to cool down. this is a live shop looking toward coit to you -- tower. 48 half moon bay and san that you cruz 51. one more dry day before the rain returns. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you ?ie. new at 11:00, vallejo police want to learn more about the shooting death of two people in an apartment. they went to the apartment just before 9:30 this morning. witnesses called police after hearing gunshots coming from the apartment. one witness entered the apartment and discovered a man and woman had died. >>> tonight investigators are looking into the cause of a suspicious fire at a san jose high school. firefighters arrived at
than an hour, a big change is coming to the south bay. minimum wage goes up $2 to $10 an hourment but not everyone is on board. lilian kim is live in san jose with those details. . >> we are in front of pizza my heart, and the employees have been enjoying the pay increase for a few months now. >> the $2 minimum wage increase does not kick in until monday. the workers at pizza my heart got their pay bumps in december. >> one i wanted to test it and two i wanted to see how it works and make sure everything was fine. >> chuck hammers is the owner of the pizza chain. he says so far so good. >> we raised prices a little bit. roughly 3% overall. that was kind of the test to make sure that will cover it, and it has. it has been neutral to us overall. >> for employees going from $8 to $10 has made a big difference. justin is a student at san jose state. >> represent is easier -- rent is easier to make and gas prices are going up which is convenient and helpful. >> the south bay labor council is trying to use the minimum wage as a way to encourage shoppers and diner as a way to spend their
women saw the biggest change researchers not sure why. some health experts say it may tied to hire smoke rates obesity and less education. but life expectancy for men is holding steady at this point and someplaces actually improving. >> let's get a check on the changing weather forecast. >> rain finally returning in the bay area. spencer is in for sandy with that. >> yes it's here within the next 24 hours for sure. look at live doppler 7 hd and dry right now but as the rain approaches us issued point out that there is going to be snow over many of the mountains region of the state in fact winter storm warning in effect for mountains including central sierra tomorrow 7:00 p.m. to wednesday at 10:00 p.m. in the lake tahoe area with 10 to 20 inches of snow from the approaching system. meanwhile live view from the east bay camera here in emeryville looking towards the bay bridge right now we have temperature readings of 47 degrees in san francisco. 49 in oak land. 48 in san jose. another live view from the south beach camera here in downtown san francisco looking along the bay
that the police would come and hunt me down or something. after that i changed my life and moved around. >> he stayed on the most wanted list for six months. his lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages. neither the oakland police nor the city attorney would comment on the case. >>> berkeley firefighters brought a potentially catastrophic gas fire under control this afternoon. the fire ignited when a construction worker unintentionally dug into the line. it happened in a north berkeley neighborhood not far from the cal campus. you can see a truck and a house nearby were damaged. the good news here was no one was hurt. and it looks like famous berkeley restaurant will push back the reopening date. the restaurant was damaged last friday as we reported in a fire. on its website this weekend he says that all reservations were canceled through march 23rd. today it says they are canceled through the 30th. they need another week. it is still not clear what started the fire, but investigators believe it may have been an electrical problem. a lot more to bring you here. coming up next, catholic c
. here's the seven-day forecast. the big changes come tuesday and wednesday. temperatures trop, clouds move in. a chance of showers wednesday night, better chance thursday into friday, and the forecast models want to bring showers in for next easter weekend as well. even on easter sunday. of course we'll keepie posted on that in case that does happen. >>> abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow@live doppler hd on twitter, and you can get video forecasts, "spare the air" alerts, power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team: everything will be fine. >> ama: thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports. >> mike: hoop it up. the ncaa tournament. we have a huge shocker of the number one seed. while the cal bears had their chance against syracuse, couldn't find the bottom of >> mike: we tip off with the men's ncaa tournament. cal facing syracuse down at san jose. the bears trying to advance to the sweet 16 for the first time in 16 years. but turnovers and a cold shooting night ended the dream. fair led the orange, 18 points, corner three, cal
. why somebody would want to try to kill the most seasoned k-9 on a police force. and changes coming to airport security. the items you wouldn't have dared take on board until now. and did kate spill the beans when she told some people about her baby? and late other "jimmy kimmle live." >> thanks. tonight the walking dead and lauren cohan and we shutdown hollywood boulevard for the foo fighters with rick springfield. the sound city pla >>> a police dog is recovering after he nearly died of poisoning. richmond police say the k-9 was drugged at the same time his partner's guns were stolen from his home. alan wang has the story. >> he is the most seasoned k-9 on the richmond police force and someone tried to kill him. what makes this so personal is that police say it was all a set up. >> we do think that this officer was intentionally targeted. >> richmond police say an officer came home and found his two-year-old black lab dying it ate some meat laced with poison. he rushed his family dog to the vet and left his k-9 partner of nine years in a kennel in the backyard. that's when the bur
. >> other changes in the merced river plan would get rid of bike and raft rentals. >> twitter is celebrating eighth 7th anniversary. >> it's undeniable that san francisco is part of our life. >> inside the market street headquarters. how this start-up grew so fast. also catch me in you can. how this imposture made it into a a cockpit of a u.s. airways flight. and random act of kindness, supplies something left a woman. it's very touching. >> and we have music and bachelor is with us and we'll tell you where babies come from. >> dan: developing news, firefighters in the solano county of dixon are looking for hot spots after a big fire. reports three trailers and hangar burned at airport. it took about an hour to knock it down but there was some considerable damage. >>> it is hard to believe that just seven years ago, think about this -- there was no such thing as twitter. tonight the company is celebrating a big anniversary. jonathan bloom has an inside look at twitter's san francisco headquarters. >>> seven years ago, in a small san francisco office, a little bird hatched, a little bird that
is determined to change that. >> we are used to competition. we have to innovative. >> after launching in europe, blackberry 10 is now in the u.s. it looks like the touch screen competitors. >> i actually real like it. i think blackberry has done a good job. it feels comfortable. >> jessica was enthusiastic with b the new touch keyboard and slick cancer camera and online show of new apps. >> latest blackberry has all the trappings of smart phone but the question is, is it enough to save the company? >> right now i think they are trying to prove they aren't dead. >> are they? >> they aren't dead yet. >> blackberry has no shortage of former users. >> blackberry wouldn't work in my own house but this one does. >> what would it take you to win you back? >> i don't know that is possible. >> i don't think they are going to get anybody that likes their iphone or android phone to switch over. >> but blackberry may be a hit with current users and the start of a slow turnaround for the company. >> what would blackberry have to do to keep you when your contract is up? >> they would have to merge with apple
left open. in only an instant the happy life diana hansen led with the big cat she loved, changed. yesterday the 24-year-old was cleaning a largeen closure alone while a male african lions was in a different area. according to the fresno county coroner a gator door was somehow left open. >> my understanding that the cat had just been fed and there was food in the bowl but the cat ignored the food in order to go out and have access to this young lady. >>reporter: the lions killed hansen by breaking her neck. happened quickly but the lions then tossed around the 24-year-old body for nearly half an hour. that's how long it took for deputy to take down the lions. >> we are a family. we lost 2 family members. >>reporter: she was doing what she loved and she did it with joy every day that she worked here. and she's going to be missed. >>reporter: hansen joined project survival cat haven team in january. it was supposed to be a 6 month long internship. she called it her dream job. >> she gave me a tour of the place before i left the next day and flew back. including the lions t
to come, big changes coming to food labeling to one grocery store wants you to know exactly what you are eating. and kiss-in after a same-sex couple say they were kicked out for kissing. plus princesses for a day, a giveaway that helps teenagers prom dreams come true. we'll be right back. >>> good evening, i'm ama daetz. traffic accident has killed three people. firefighters cut out four people from the wreckage, only one survived. at least one person has been placed in handcuffs and they are trying to figure out what happened. >> san francisco firefighters were mopping up a scene in haight district. fire broke out in a garage and spilled in the residents. an investigation is under way to find the cause. >> officers from across solano county took in 344 weapons in a gun buy-back. they range from rifles to a military rocket launcher. they were disassembled on the spot. >>> supporters held a rally tonight at a mall near sacramento after a gay couple says they were kicked out for holding hands. abc reporter has the story. >> there wasn't much kissing happening at protest called a kiss-i
but then it quickly changes as you will notice. rain arrives for the start of the evening rush hour tuesday at 5:00 p.m. rain continues really as we head into our overnight hours wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. we will have a good portion of the bay area covered in wet weather. rain will continue at noon time around the heart of the bay area wednesday and then the showers pretty much taper quickly behind he it. >> through 11:00 p.m. wednesday we look at in terms of rain fall up to inch in the north bay mountains. south bay getting the least 5 hundredths. central bay quarter tore half inch of rain. here's how far behind we are san francisco over 5 and a half inches away prosecute where you should be for this time of year. san jose needs another close to 4 inches. oakland about 5 and a half and check out santa rosa. need close to 6 and a half inches to make up for where you should be for this time of year. just to put things in perspective exploratorium so far the second driest start to a year so far only just over 2 inches of rain. all time record is 2.9 8 for january through march. we are not
. looking fabulous. then things start to change. saturday morning could see few early showers by 5 pam few showers scattered in nature and then as we head into saturday night is when you start to sea some organized ban of rain moving on shore. sunday morning is looking wet. 6:00 a.m. some of you heading to sunrise service or if traveling for easter sunday you see wide spread shower activity at 11 achl am on sunday. could see thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon. evening still wet you notice here. so we'll see anywhere from tenth to half inch of rain depending on where you are through sunday evening. temperature l in the morning mid 40's to low 50's. few clouds around patches of fog. give yourself extra time for the morning commute if you do encounter the fog might slow you down along the coast. 75 tomorrow afternoon south bay san jose 76 cupertino. 72 santa cruz check out the temperatures on the peninsula. 74 degrees redwood city, menlo park 76. coastal areas half moon bay sunny 65. 69 downtown san francisco and mid 70's for calistoga, sonoma, novato. 75 in santa rosa. w
expected for at least 24 to 36 hours. we could see a few changes into the latter part of the workweek. san francisco 49 and half moon bay is is 45 degrees. our chance for some showers this week are dwindling right now. we will look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. >> family and friends in santa rosa said goodbye to a 14-year-old boy killed in a tragic racing accident. 1200 people packed the santa rosa bible search for the memorial service for marcus johnson. the crowd over flowed to other areas of the church. gina johnson had the strength to say goodbye to her boy who was taken from her in an instant. >> forever we will feel the warmth of your smile, marcus, your heart felt embrace, the magic in your eyes and the gentleness of your soul. >> marcus was killed when he was hit by a sprint car driven by his cousin, chase, march 16th at the race way park. the 68-year-old race way sponsor was also killed. a fund was set up in his name. a portion will go to low income students to pay for school and athletic equipment. >>> people are lining up at the supreme court in hopes of getti
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